Trouble with insert bypass and remove a plugin

I have a strange problem. If I open a plugin in the insert slot, some of them are impossible to engage from bypass mode, and they are impossible to remove again from the slot.
For this topic I’m only talk about the SSL X-Limit, but there is some other plugins that result in the same situation.
Have I missed something, I’m I doing something wrong?

Hi Lars
If the plugins stay disengaged you might want to try pressing the the Delay compensation button at the bottom left of the project page and see it that enables the plugin’s

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Yes it does. How comes?

If a plugin suffers with high latency then the delay compensation disables those plugins with high latency so you can record more true to time , there’s also a small bug in the Delay compensation button , some times it will stay greyed out while being active

Strange because the X-Limit just report 1.0mS if look ahead is turned off.
Sounds more like a bug, someware…

Well a simple test is to load a load of high latency plugins and then turn on the delay compensation and see which ones get deactivated

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Well again, just 1mS isn’t high latency…
But I have the plugin inserted in the buss so it could be that it is more sensetive there.

Thank you for the information, that would have taken me a long time to figer out myself…

No worries , i use the X limit , i have a feeling there’s a bit more going on under the hood than whats being reported

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I will report it to SSL anyway…