Trouble with Lanes

Hi -

Has anyone ever had this problem, or maybe have a solution?

Portions of my pre-recorded audio takes on existing lanes become erased/deleted frequently. I have identified two triggers, which I wouldn’t be surprised are related somehow:

a) If I drag an “external” audio clip (i.e, from the pool, another project, or even just from an audio track in the same project) into an empty lane, all the previous takes in the existing lanes get erased - but only between the start and end of the event I bring in.

  • For example, if I have recorded takes between measures 4 and 40, and then bring in an “external” clip and put it between measures 10 and 20, then all the previous takes will be erased between measures 10 and 20 - the other parts of the old takes (i.e., measures 4-10, and 21-40) are undisturbed.

  • This “deleting” of previous takes occurs whether I drag the “external” take directly to the empty lane at the bottom, or first put it on the track itself (i.e., just above Lane 1), and then drag it down. Actually, when I do the latter, as soon as I bring it into the top track itself, all the lane data in the range of the external clip are “poofed” - before I even drag it down.

b) Similarly, if I shift the contents of a lane by click/drag, or change its boundaries, all the content in all lanes get erased - but only between the start and end of the event I am manipulating.

I discovered this by doing it accidentally while trying to shift the boundaries of a selected (“ranged”?) clip.

Another observation - recording new takes onto a track with existing takes is not a problem - that part all works just fine.

This has happened over weeks to months, on multiple projects.

Thanks for any help/thoughts/suggestions from anyone in making this “poof” behavior go away …

Holy cr*w, I figured it out!

Preferences>Editing>Delete overlaps needs to be UN-checked.

Amazing what a night of sleep can do!

How bugs turn out to be features. Happens to us all once in a while… :sunglasses: