trouble with mic (headset)

Hi there!
I’m just buy and connect ur242 to computer. This is my first card… So I have a some question about it.
I have a sennheiser game zero headset. When I connect phones it’s work great, but when i try to connect mic - it’s dont work. How i can solve this issue? (without buy new mic ofc.)
And the second question - when i try to use ur242 in skype how i can use the second input port (not hi-z) on the front panel of soundboard for mic? At default skype work only with first port (hi-z) and in skype it’s look like only one line (line Seinberg ur242) - how i can split this?

The microphones found on consumer headsets like your sennheiser usually need a small voltage on the plug called ‘Plug-in power’. This is not supplied by professional grade preamps like the ones found on your UR242. Unfortunately that means that you can’t use that microphone with your audio interface. (unless there are some external power supplies that can power your mic, but I doubt it. Note that this is NOT phantom power!)

This is an excerpt from wikipedia:

Plug-in-power (PiP), is the low-current 3 V to 5 V supply provided at the microphone jack of some consumer equipment, such as portable recorders and computer sound cards. It is also defined in IEC 61938.[11] It is unlike phantom power since it is an unbalanced interface with a low voltage (around +5 volts) connected to the signal conductor with return through the sleeve; the DC power is in common with the audio signal from the microphone. A Capacitor is used to block the DC from subsequent audio frequency circuits. It is often used for powering electret microphones, which will not function without power. It is suitable only for powering microphones specifically designed for use with this type of power supply. Damage may result if these microphones are connected to true (48 V) phantom power through a 3.5 mm to XLR adapter that connects the XLR shield to the 3.5 mm sleeve.[12] Plug-in-power is covered by Japanese standard CP-1203A:2007[13] A similar line-powering scheme is found in computer sound cards. Both plug-in-power and soundcard power are defined in the second edition of IEC 61938.[14]

These alternative powering schemes are sometimes improperly referred to as “phantom power” and should not be confused with true 48-volt phantom powering described above.

As for skype: I don’t know, I never use skype on my DAW so I have no idea how to set it up.

Thanks for answer! Very useful information about mic.
For skype: I started to use Reaper+Virtual Cable - for split channels from the FP.
Anybody knows how I can use many output virtual cables in Reaper ? (in prefences there is one output device at moment (all input --> one of virtual cables), but may be there is a solution)
For example:
1st input FP --> virtual cable 1
2nd input FP -->virtual cable 2