Trouble with MIDI connections

Hi there,

there´s some behavier at Cubasis that annoys me a little bit.
I haven´t found a topic about it, I would be surprised if I´was the only one who feel´s inconvienient with the following:

I´m working on a projekt with 7 midi tracks for example.
2 of them are triggering internal Cubasis sounds, 4 are connected to SampleTank, 1 is connected to Sunrizer.

Everytime I start Cubasis, it seems the Midi connections are setted to other outputs than I chose before closing Cubasis last time. Sometimes all connections are set just to virtual Midi or Network Session or all to Sunrizer… Also, if I plug in the iRig-Midi Interface while Cubasis is running, Cubasis sets every output to iRig-Midi.

Even if it´s meant to be, that Cubasis checks the possible outputs, and if SmapleTank for example isn´t avalible, Cubasis sets the tracks using SampleTank to virtual midi instead, I still don´t understand how it works. If I start SampleTank first, than Cubasis sometimes the settings are still the same, as they´ve been last time, sometimes it´s set to virtual midi. Everytime if I start Sunrizer while Cubasis is already running, all outputs are immidiatly set to sunrizer :open_mouth: . So I have to spend quite some time with switching the cconnections back to how I want them, and the more tracks I use the more annoying that feels…

Would it be possible to offer the ability in the Midi settings to choose that midi connections are fixed wehen I once set em?
I mean, if I use apps in a project , and don´t start them when I get the project running, I´ll recognize it when the sounds are missing and I´ll start the apps and the problem would be gone. Now I don´t just have to start the apps, but I aslo have to set every connection manually back to the right setting. Also I have to readjust the whole project after connecting iRig Midi. That´s a little bit frustrating… :cry:

Does anyone else have problems like that?

Thank you,
best regards

So know I’ve got some bigger projects running,
the problem mentioned above is even more annoying.

I have to set the midi connections back more often then I can start recording something,
at least that’s how it feels.
When I pull out the iRig Midi Interface, all track that have been adressed to SampleTank are switched back to virtual midi, or sometimes accidently (thats how it seems to me) to some other app, that is running in the background. Why??

Does anybody have a clue about what I’m doing wrong or has the same problem?