Trouble with MIDI

Hi all,

Maybe someone can help me out here.

I recently purchased a UR12 MIDI because I simply wanted to be able to play through my laptop and headphones with good sound quality. I play bass but have a cheap amp that does not have the best sound and I live in an apartment and do not want to disturb my neighbors. I don’t have much desire to record at the moment, but might in the future.

I am using a 2017 Macbook Pro and Cubase AI LE 9.5

I cannot get my UR12 to play through the program. I cannot hear my instrument through my speakers or headphones. I have installed the drivers and followed the tutorial videos I have found online. Yet, still, I cannot perform the simple task I want to perform: play my bass through the MIDI into my headphones. The only way I can get it to work is by plugging my headphones into the jack on the MIDI and playing that way, but it is not allowing for any effects, etc. from the program itself.

I am not the most tech savvy person and really just want to keep this as simple as possible. I’ve been messing with this thing for hours now and have gotten nowhere. It seems incredibly complicated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please watch these two videos:

The rest of the playlist may also be useful later:

Keep in mind that the “Devices” menu has been renamed to “Studio”.

Also note that you seem to be getting some terms mixed up. The UR12 is an audio interface. MIDI is a way to control synthesizers and VST instruments.