Trouble with missing Cubase features and CMC-QC

Hopefully someone can assist me with this. I recently purchased Cubase Elements 6, and won the CMC series of controllers. I found some instructional videos online, and one of them was showing both the “extended mixer” function which would make the mixer larger vertically, and also was showing the “quick control” feature, which would easily allow me to assign the knobs on the CMC-QC to controllers in Cubase. Neither of these features are there with my version of Cubase. I have checked the manual with no mention of either “extended mixer” OR “quick control”, and don’t see the features where they should be within the software. This is limiting my use of the CMC-QC as I’m not sure how else to assign the knobs.

Are these features only in the full version of the program, or should they be included in Elements as well?

Thanks for anyone who can answer these questions.