Trouble with "missing" VST plug-ins

I had a very hard time pointing C6 to the folders that the plug-ins were located in. I would use the VS2.x Plug-in path window to point to the folder, hit “Update” and “Update Plug-in information” buttons, save/apply, everything, but C6 would still call them missing.

I even moved them into new folders, like the Cubase VST folder, their own folder, etc., and C6 never acknowledged their presence, still calling them missing in the Plug-in Information Window (page 204-5).

After trying forever, I think I closed C6, or maybe closed and rebooted the computer, then, voila, they were found where I had put them.

I didn’t read that a reboot was needed, but I was wondering if this was something others have seen as well?

Thanks -

A rebbot is not needed, but you need to restart Cubase after adding new Plugin folders, always been like that.

Thanks, thinkingcap, 1st time I’ve ever done this, wish I’d spoken to you beforehand (unless I missed it in the
manual :blush: )!

You did miss it

You’re right, it’s there, but I think only in the section for “Installing” plug-ins. As I’d installed them long ago (but had moved the folder without realizing what that would do), I didn’t go to that section, and instead I was reading the section called “Updating/Managing/Selecting in the Plug-In Information Window”.

Seems obvious now, lesson learned - thanks again thinkingcap.