Hi everyone.
I was working on Cubase 5 for few years and not so long ago I decided to buy Cubase 7 Upgrade.
I installed the software today and everything was just fine untill I tried to activate my license.
The USB-eLicenser contains a license to operate the software for a total of 25 non-consecutive hours, so I skipped the activation process (I wanted to do it later).
Everytime I launch the software I get this reminder of requirement of activation so at some point I clicked the START LICENSE ACTIVATION button. Then the eLicenser Control Center opened automatically asking me for entering my ACTIVATION CODE. The Code work but there are no available licenses which can be upgraded by my upgrade license.
I attach a screenshot of the issue.

Hi JulianUhu,

please read this thread before posting in the Issue Reports Forum:

Apparently you don’t have a Cubase 5 license you can upgrade from. At least none registered in MySteinberg.


I have Cubase5 license registered in MySteinberg.
It look like it’s a problem with the key. It lights up when I insert it, but there’s nothing on it.
I bought the package “CUBASE UPGRADE” with USB-eLicenser included, so I should have a license on this USB,
shouldn’t I?

Which exact version of Cubase 5 do you have registered? Do you have a USB-eLicenser containing a Cubase 5 license?

If the package you purchased came with a USB-eLicenser, it is most likely an upgrade from a version which does not require the USB-eLicenser (Essential 5?).

You probably purchased the wrong upgrade.

I have Cubase 5 with the USB containing a Cubase 5 license. I attach a photo of the package I bought.

Use the dongle that contains your Cubase 5 license, and not the new dongle (which has no license on it); then try the eLicenser registration process again.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I guess I bought the wrong package.