Trouble with PTs and Expression maps

I’m having trouble with an Expression map for Garritan GPO5.

If I put a ‘pizz’ PT on a note, Dorico will play pizzicato until I add a ‘nat’ PT. So far, so good.

If I duplicate the nat entry in the Expression map, and change the technique to ‘arco’ or ‘legato’, then those PTs will not cancel pizz.!

Weirdly, legato will cancel pizz if I add a ‘col legno’ PT at the same position, but either of them independently will not cancel the pizz! More strangely, col legno isn’t defined in the Ex Map.

Also, creating PTs with “Direction” (e.g. on until cancelled) like tremolo and marcato sometimes apply to one note, and sometimes don’t. I’ve tried to create mutual exclusion groups, but to no avail.

I attach the document here: the PT effects can be seen in Play mode even without the relevant samples.
Expressions (353 KB)

Are you setting up appropriate mutual exclusion groups in your expression maps? That’s the only way Dorico knows how to cancel a playing technique.

I’ve set up an exclusion group: whether it’s appropriate or not, I’m unsure.

But that doesn’t explain why the same technique behaves differently for instruments using the same ex map.
Screenshot 2.png

A restart and reloading of the document seems to have sorted it out. Everything now works as expected.