Trouble with Realtek ASIO

Well, i also have trouble with Realtek ASIO. When i open a VST like Arturia Analog Lab V i can select Realtek ASIO and in fact its very fast with low latency. When i select the Realtek ASIO driver in Cubase 12 i don’t get any sound. I’ve played around with different sampling rates in Windows, but without any effect.


I would recommend to use ASIO4ALL instead.

Hi Martin,

i am also owning a Steinberg UR22C audio interface and it performs very good with the Yamaha/Steinberg ASIO driver. But like i’ve said before, the Realtek ASIO driver also works very well with a single VST like from Arturia, Cherry Audio etc. But also MuseScore windows application works with Realtek ASIO. This must be a bug of Cubase. I am using Cubase 12 Artist and Dorico 4 Elements. No way to get Realtek ASIO working under Steinberg applications.

@cubase_noob Do you understand the purpose of ASIO drivers?

What is the reason that you need to use a non-Steinberg hardware driver?

Well, the purpose is to use Cubase/Dorico with ALC1220-VB Onboard Sound. The Realtek ASIO driver is also good and provides low latency, but the generic low latency ASIO driver is useless,
because it’s pretty slow.

What do you care which driver you use, as long as it works?

You should try all of them, but if you search you will see that Asio4All is the most recommended by daw developers. There is also FlexASIO, and maybe others, who knows?