Trouble with recording guitar audio into Cubase

Hi, I currently run Cubase artists 7 and am having problems recording guitar audio into Cubase with a new mixer I got (Behringer Q1202USB). I have turned all the levels up like the gain and main mix but whenever I attempt to record and play it back, nothing appears to have recorded. By the way I am aware of the need to click on/off the monitor of a track and it did not work.
Any help would be much appreciated!

Most likely the problem is with the configuration of your audio interface. Make sure all the I/O are working and properly configured within Cubase.

Thanks for the response, can you go over as to how I would do that?

First of all, check all physical connections. Mixer out into interface in etc. Make sure all cables work.

Then start Cubase and select Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System. Make sure that you’ve selected the correct audio driver. Click below VST Audio System and there should be a menu with all your interface’s I/O. Make sure everything is how it should be.

Everything Indigo said.

However, you will also need to assign the output of the mixer channel to the track you want to record in Cubase. It is a long time since I have used Artist, as I am used to using an input channel in the full version. You should be able to assign inputs and out puts using the F4 key and sorting out the input and output channels.

Perhaps someone who has Artist could help out here. Sorry but my memory of this is very hazy - it was over 10 years ago.

playing with monitor won’t prevent it from recording. go Devices - VST Connections- Inputs - Add Bus (choose 1 mono) - then left click on the Device Port window to check that the Input there corresponds to the one you are using on the interface. If it doesn’t then choose the one that does.

Then go to the track Input Routing window and make sure that one is chosen there too. Apologies if you’ve already done all that.

All very helpful advice, when I go to the audio driver select page, it doesn’t recognize my mixer, only “Generic low latency driver” and “ASIO direct x full duplex driver” when surely it should come up with “Behringer q1202” as it is a soundcard?
I’m thinking the mixer did not install properly.

Does this mixer in fact have a dedicated ASIO Driver from Behringer - and if so, have you in fact installed it?
As far as I can see, Behringer doesn’t provide an ASIO driver for this mixer/interface, in which case you will need to use either of the available “Generic low latency driver” or “ASIO direct x full duplex driver”

surely it should come up with “Behringer q1202” as it is a soundcard?

It is not the responsibility of Steinberg to provide ASIO drivers for every possible interface - this is the Interface manufacturers responsibility. :wink:
Since Behringer are pushing Tracktion, perhaps they don’t care.

Does this mean I cannot record into Cubase with this mixer? I am quite new to this software and am unaware of how install it, when I plugged in the mixer for the first time it attempted to install, but I accidentally cancelled it. Every time I plug it in it does not come up with that install window, it works though as when I go onto Cubase and plug in the guitar audio comes thorough, it just doesn’t seem to record. Very frustrating…

Okay so I messsed with the ASIO inputs/outputs and managed to get some audio recorded. However, there is a slight latency problem, The latency goes at the expense of the metronome, whenever I press in the “To phones/ctrl room” the latency occurs, but this needs to be pressed in order to get the metronome.
Do I need to send the metronome elsewhere?

You can use Asio4all with most devices that haven’t got their own ASIO-driver.

To avoid latency try setting it as low as possible. Or use the monitor function to get the direct signal in.