Trouble with Setup

Hello People - Hope someone will be kind enough to help me.
I’m a beginner trying to create some tracks in Cubase. My equipments are…

  1. Keyboard/Synth - Yamaha MX49
  2. Mixer with USB - Yamaha MG10XU. Mics and Keyboard connected to Mixer inputs.
  3. Software - Steinberg Cubase AI6

I have a USB 2.0 cable connecting Mixer-Laptop.
I can record audio track from the mics but not form the keyboard.

Then I connected only Keyboard-Laptop using the USB 2.0.
Now, I can record audio form keyboard but can’t use Keyboard as MIDI.
Of course, the mixer is offline so I can’t record from mic either.

Ideally, I’d like all instruments to be connected to Mixer and then create tracks in Cubase.
Is it possible?

Thanks for your time.


Hi and welcome,

I don’t know the Yamaha MG10XU very well. In fact, there are two options, in general (in this kind of devices).

  1. All signals from the mixer are mixed-down, and the stereo output is routed to the USB. Then, you can record your mixed signal as one stere-track in Cubase. Which is not handy very often.

  2. The mixer can send separated channels via USB to the Cubase. If this is the case, open Devices > VST Connections > Inputs. Click Add Bus. Add Stereo bus for your keyboard, and select the input (in this case, there is more than one channel). Add Stereo Audio track, and select the input (very likely named Stereo In 2).