trouble with soundcard

Does anybody have any suggestions?
I recently bought an HP Envy laptop with i7 720QM processer, W7 home Premium, ATI 1gb video card using C5.
I tried my Edirol UA-5 and M-Audio Fast-track pro soundcards with the latest drivers and got really awful performance from them, with the Edirol being the best of the two.
Glithces and drop-outs were very common and when trying lower latencies they would completely stop working.
Then tried Tascam soundcard but driver would not install!
Finally tried Mackie Onyx Blackjack and this completely brought back my confidence in my system.
It works great , driver seems to be really stable, even at lower latencies; BUT once in a while i still get the occasional glitch or dropout…any suggesyions or comments?

Ha HA found the answer myself to my own question… after alot of research…

And the answer was???

Bye / Tumppi