Trouble with Studio Connections after upgrading to C12

Since I upgraded to Cubase 12 I have been having trouble with my audio connections.
I am not able to use my talkback as I did before.
Does anyone have any info about this?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

How did you use your talkback before, please? What is your goal/use case?

Thanks for your response!
I have a two-room studio. I use the talkback to speak to the singers, while in the recording room.
(It’s a microphone which is connected to the RME.)
Since I upgraded to Cubase 12, the singers can’t hear it through the headphones.


Could you attach screenshots of the Audio Connections > Control Room and RME Mix Console window?

I’ve tried a number of times to attach the screenshots, but it says there’s an error. :frowning:
I’ll try again later…