Trouble with text frames


I have some text frames set up on my master pages, for title, subtitle etc. Some of them overlap. If I double click on one of the frames that overlaps, in order to edit the text in it, Dorico more often than not, selects the wrong frame and I end up editing the wrong text. So, I think ‘I can select the frame in Engrave mode and push Return, to edit the text’ Wrong! This doesn’t work for me, even though it says it should in the manual. With any of the frame’s handles selected, pushing return does nothing…

Anyone point me in the direction of how to easily edit text in the overlapping frames that doesn’t involve dragging one of them out of the way to get at the other?



In order to enter a text frame by pressing Return, you have to make sure the frame edge - rather than handles - is selected. When the manual states “select the frame”, that means the frame as a whole.

You can do this by selecting a handle then pressing Tab, if it’s easier to select a handle. You can also navigate between handles and frames using the arrow keys, if you’ve got a handle selected on another frame but want to navigate to another frame.