Trouble with the dongle(s)

Hey Ya’ll,
I’ve always purchased my digital gear; as such, I’ve got a few dongles to deal with.
Does anyone know of a method or product to transfer these licenses into a digital asset manager so I don’t need to constantly keep dongles in my tool bag, worry about losing them and/or have to worry about running out of available USB ports?
Thanks guys & gals,

What you can do is connect all the dongles from the same manufacturer to your computer and use their provided license manager to move all your product licenses to a single dongle of that type. For example, you can use the eLicenser Control Center to move all the keys stored in different eLicensers (purple or blue dongle) to a single one.

eLicenser licenses can’t be moved to your computer, and dongles from different companies are completely incompatible with each other.