Trouble with the menus when editing a track on iPad Mini

I get the illusion that the menus when working with a track, are not the same height like the ones under MEDIA. I have no problem switching between the Audio, MIDI, Instruments, Projects, Mixdown, Trash, or even the Snapshot, Share, and Delete buttons. But I have a hard time getting the Trim button in particular to work. I have to use my Jot Pro’s fine tip and glide it around a bit to get it to do so.

What gives? The slider to actually select the area to trim works fine otherwise.


i asked our developers. The folder buttons in the Mediabay have a height of 41px and the buttons in the Audio editor have a height of 38px. Thus, we do not think that your problems are related to the dimension of the button?

Are you sure that you are using the tool correctly? The workflow should be:

  • Select an area that is shorter than the size
  • Hit Trim

Please let me know if your issues persist.

Kind regards,

Hi there Frieder,

I figured it out, I was using the wrong slider.