Trouble with the tempo track

Hey all - just joined the forum, switching to Cubase 6 from Logic 9 and PT 10… Cubase is such an awesome program. Anyways, I want to try my hand at doing a dance mix, but am having some trouble getting started. I want to take the original track of a tune, EQ out some of the low end and play around with adding some stuff like synths/etc.

The first thing I want to do is load the original in and set up a tempo track to match it, so Cubase’s internal clock can be synced up. That part is easy.

Then, I want to speed the song up. Here’s where I enter into problems.

I have my tempo track lined up, but when I go to raise the tempo events (just by selecting all of them and command+dragging) it speeds up the project session tempo but the original song file doesn’t change speed. I do have it set to musical timebase mode on the channel strip.

Am I doing something wrong? Can’t seem to figure out how to get this to work. My ultimate goal is to have the original track synced up with Cubase sped up.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi jbrecording -

Allow me to be the 1st to welcome you!

I guess you are working with audio files …

The musical timebase doesn’t do what you want, it’s a different function. You can go to the pool (CTRL-P), and check musical mode for your audio.

The other thing is to do the “Set Definition From Tempo”. That will lock the audio to the tempo.

Away from the DAW now, but I think all that is discussed in the “Sample Editor” chapter of the Cubase 6 manual. If not, looking in the index for the bolded terms will work to find them.

Hope that helps!

Thanks so much for your reply! The only issue I have now is that once I engage musical mode it throws off the bars/beats lining up… but I’m tinkering with it now.

That did it! The “Set definition from tempo” worked like a charm - I’m excited to see what I can come up with. Thank you so so very much!!!