Trouble with Tuplets

I’m trying to recreate a tuplet in Dorico Pro.

Here’s a picture that shows what I’m going for, shown in PreSonus Notion:
Troublesome tuplet

Here’s what I’ve come up with in Dorico. (There’s supposed to be a quarter note rest within the tuplet, in addition to the rest(s) that already are within the tuplet.)

Maybe I’m doing something wrong. My notation skills are intermediate, at best. Alternately, perhaps I merely don’t know the right way to accomplish this in Dorico.

Looks like the tuplet should be 5:4e (5 8ths in the time of 4). To get the dotted notation you would need to force duration for the notes.
(I show the ratio for clarity)

The first screenshot looks to be 5 eighths in the space of 4 (encompassing beats 2–3 of the bar), but with dotted 16th notes. To make this tuplet in Dorico, select the first note ; 5:4e and Enter. Notice (below) that Dorico groups the rests correctly.

I haven’t been able to figure out what you did to get the notation in the 2nd screenshot.

But what a bizarre, completely unreadable rhythm. You could write the identical rhythm as 5:6 regular 16th notes, at least:
5to4 or 6

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