Trouble with vst valhallafreqechomk1

I use this plugin a lot. I had a 32-bit version called valhallafreqechomk1 which I used jbridge to port across (its conceivable I renamed a 64bit version with this name too). It’s not found in my old projects when I load them up. I have tried renaming a 64bit version of the plugin to valhallafreqechomk1.dll but even though I can load a new instance of the plugin the old files will still not load it even though the name is identical. In the rack I have !!!valhallafreqechomk1!!! plugin missing and then literally below it I load a new instance of the plugin “valhallafreqechomk1”. I have also tried jbridging again and making sure the name is the same. I hope this makes sense! I have tried other software and the plugin loads fine, Has anyone any idea whats going on here?

Worked it out. For some reason I had a couple of valhallafreqechomk1.dll files of different sizes. Only one worked. Yay.