Trouble with Yamaha N8 since windows 10

Installed the latest 1.6.6 driver which is supposed to support W10 but quite often when I open Cubase 10 it doesn’t connect with the Yamaha…I don’t believe this is a problem with Cubase…it’s seems to obviously be a Yamaha driver problem, is there a solution to this other than getting a new interface?
been looking at the UR44…does this unit have good drivers? and is it not a bit old?

any suggestions gladly received…


Can’t share info on the N8 but I have a UR12 sound interface. The UR drivers are roughly the same. I find the UR working well with a standalone pc but had to tweak a laptop to get it to work properly. Everytime laptops in particular change their energy/power mode the UR may drop the connection, more people have that issue. It can be resolved, if I have my laptop on the wall outlet with the battery at 100 percent I get no audio dropouts. I disabled all possible options preventing energy usage changes but it still dropped out, so only plugging it in with the battery fully charged solved the issue. There are however also people with laptops and a UR interface without these issues. The UR 44 has external power, I don’t know if that makes the aforementioned not applicable.
The UR has decent to good preamps, turning gain over half starts creating some clear audible noise, so I use an amp amplifier to my microphone so I can keep the recording volume loud enough with good results, my gain knob sits at around 48 percent. Very happy with my UR12, quality feels and sounds good, much better than my old one from M-Audio.

Thanks for the info mate…