Trouble writing certain automations

I can record other automations in Cubase 12 on the Ample Guitar LP such as the pan, but I’m trying to record the slide in button on the guitar and it’s just not doing anything, although it slides in when I play it, I’m not hearing it slide in in the playback. None of those other buttons work either. Any help would be appreciated thanks


To me it sounds it’s non-automable parameter.

But then how is it supposed to show up in the recording? There must be someway for Cubase to record its effects so you can hear it in playback

What do you mean by “button?” Is it an actual switch on the plug-in itself or perhaps more like a MIDI Keyswitch? Maybe some pics might help.

Only what the plug-in maker provides. Cubase can’t read the plug-in’s mind. The plug-in is responsible for telling the host which items are available to be automated. I’d take a good look at the plug-in’s manual to see if they intend some of their effects to be activated in a special way.


I took a peek at their website and am pretty sure you should be using Keyswitches and not automation. The Slide looks to be controlled by D#0. Pays to read the manual sometimes.