trouble writing grace notes

Hi there!
I just don’t get it what I am doing wrong.

I have written all main notes in a bar (two halfs in a 4/4) and before the second half, there shall be a grace note.
But anytime, I mark grace note on the left side and click into the System, the program shortens the duration value of the first note instead of writing a grace note.

Where am I mistaken? Please help!

Kind regards,

Jonathan, while in note input mode, use / to enter grace notes. Grace notes don’t count towards the metrical value of your music.

If you have notes selected and then click the grace note button on the right side, it will convert those to grace notes. Better to use the slash as a shortcut.

Thanks for your quick reply. Still does not work.

Shortcut “/” (Slash?) has no effect in Input mode, neither on numpad nor else.
On the right side is no grace note button, just on left side, but has no effect, no matter if a note is selected or not.

What can I do?
I am normally using the German Version, so talking about grace notes, we talk about “appogiaturas/Acciaccatura”, right? Just in case I am mistaken in language matters.

Kind regards, Jonathan

BTW: I am using Dorico 2.2 (Version Aug 13 2018).

You have to type / and THEN enter notes - you can’t apply it to notes that are already on the screen.

Dear pianoleo,
thank you very much!

As far as I enjoyed the intuitive workflow in Dorico so far, it seems that this method (to mandatory type the grace note BEFORE typing the main note) contradicts the idea of filling all bar positions with note durations.

Just in case, this might be revised in a future update.

Kindest regards,

You don’t need to enter the grace note before entering the main note. You can always enter the music without the grace notes, then move the caret to wherever you want the grace note, and enter it as a grace note using the slash. It won’t “count” towards any rhythmic value.