Troubles between my Apollo MKII and Cubase Pro 9

My Apollo Twin can easily connect to my computer, and the controls works on both the console app and the hardware (Phantom Power, muting, etc.). However, none of the audio is coming through. The levels of the audio coming from the computer show, but you cannot hear any physical sound. The Apollo doesn’t automatically switch to the Line, Mic, Hi-Z inputs at all, and when connected no audio comes through those inputs.

It’s seems the problem come’s from my DAW, because the twin was working fine when I was just watching youtube but the second I open Cubase, the “problem described above” happens. Even when reseting my computer, quitting my DAW, and disconnect the thunderbolt, the problem continues. The problem goes away after a long period of time.

The is the second time this as happened, but I believe it has something to do with UAD plugins. I tried to use a compression plugin but didn’t have my Apollo twin connected. After that is when the problem started happening, and before that the Apollo worked fine. I’m not sure if they’re connected, it’s just an observation I made. I tried a hardware reset on my Apollo, but the only thing that changed was that the Apollo seems to recognising the inputs now. I still have the same problem when connecting and opening Cubase.

I got help from the UA forum community and fixed the problem. The hardware reset fixed the inputs, and the rest of it was a simple clocking issue. I don’t know why it started turning “S/PDIF” instead of “Internal” but that’s what was the problem and now it’s fixed.