troubles importing projects in C10.0.1 (from c8)

C10 crasches when trying to read opened project from C8.
Fortunately i could detect the source of the problem…
It came from frozen tracks !

Solution until update :
Suppress the frozen files from the audio folder, but i guesss it will only work if you had selected the option" keep instrument" in the freezing dialog box.


Could you please attach a crash dump file? And a sample project would be awesome.

Hi martin.Jirsak,
i searched but didn’t found the dump file. if you tell me where it’s located…
You ask me to transmit a project, but it should be a pain cause of their weight and of my poor bandwitch…
When i begin to use freezing it’s cause of heavy projects,


On Windows, you can find them in the Documents/Steinberg/Crash dumps folder.