Troubles with Backbone in Studio One

Two issues found when using Backbone in Studio One… does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  1. When I drag export the sample into a Studio One track the sample is blank. If I export the sample to file the sample is fine. Why can I not drag out to Studio One? I use other VSTs that allow me to drag samples or MIDI to a S1 track.

  2. When I try and LOAD a program or layer… I can browse through the list from the Backbone library. However, as soon as I click on any item in the list I get an error popup which tells me that I don’t have a license for Halion. I have bought Backbone, not Halion - so why I am being asked to get a license for Halion? Is there a fix for this?

I sent a support ticket to Steinberg about these points 7 days ago - I haven’t had any response.

Does Steinberg offer support to users of their software? I would have thought they would want to treat their end-users with more care - especially as my Backbone problems are serious bugs (e.g. unable to load presets).

I submitted a ticket 23 days ago and have had no response.

Totally abysmal customer service from Steinberg.

I can confirm that it doesn’t work but I guess that this is a problem in Studio One because in Reaper, Bitwig, Live and Cubase it works as expected.
I asked the developer at PreSonus to cross-check, confirm and perhaps fix the issue.

Since yesterday there is a new eLicenser Control Center that will fix that issue. Launch the Steinberg Download Assistant and the eLicenser Control Center will be updated automatically.

best regards

A new version of Studio One was launched a week ago 5.3 and I can confirm that the drag-drop now works.

The Presonus release notes state this:

Version 5.3 Release Notes (June 29, 2021):

  • Drag & Drop from Steinberg Backbone VSTi not working

Thank you Steinberg and Presonus.