Troubles with Blank pages and Masters

I’m creating a Title page for my instrumental parts. Insert Page Before page 1, and assign my “Title Page” Master. So far, so good.

The trouble is that some (but not all) of the parts show Page 1 with a little red triangle, which means that changes to the Master don’t get applied to those pages. If I Remove Page Overrides, the Blank page gets deleted, and I’m back with music on Page 1 (First master).

The other parts show Page 1 as Title page, with a green bar and no red triangle. These parts will update to changes in the Title master. I can’t tell what I’m doing differently to get two different behaviours.

Green bar means change of Masterpage, red triangle means page with override… If you apply your masterpage change once you’ve finished polishing it, hence no need of further overrides, you should be clean with no overrides… This often means losing a part of the “exploration” job to know what polish you want in your masterpages, but is easily regained with consistency provided by the masterpages system.

I think I’ve worked it out:

To get the layout “clean”, you have to add the Blank page, and then Insert the Master Page. (And then remove the Overrides.)

Inserting a new page with a given Master is an Override action, and gets you a Red triangle, not a green line. Inserting a Master Page onto an existing page gives you a green line.

So currently, I have to Insert the page with the Title master, then insert the Title master again, then remove the override, to every Part.

Not quite. Instead of inserting a page which always creates a Page Override, insert a Master Page Change. This will also insert a new page but with the designated Master Page.