Troubles with Cubase AI activation

I recently purchased a UR12 with an activation code for Cubase AI. It has been added to my account, but I have hit a wall in that the eLicenser Control Center, latest version, when input with my activation code recognises it as Cubase AI, but the screen after asks me to choose an eLicenser to download the license to. I don’t have a $50 USB eLicenser and all the support articles I have read on the topic are confusing, sometimes with dead or circular links. Am I doing something wrong? All software is up to date as far as I am aware.
Thanks for help

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Is there a soft eLicenser shown in the eLCC? If so, choose that.

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First run elicenser helper, then reinstall the newer version.

After that you’ll be able to download the AI license to your soft elicenser.