Troubles with e-licenser

I have some issues with the e-licenser. Dorico sends me the message that the application Dorico elements 2 is not registered. What does that mean? I have Dorico Pro , but not Dorico Elements. To get rid of these annoying messages, which pops up every two minutes, I have to restart Dorico. I hope that the e-licenser will soon be replaced by a user-friendly protection system.
Bildschirmfoto 2019-05-29 um 21.49.42.png

Have you tried running the eLicenser Control Center and let the Maintenance Task run?

Yes, I let the Maintenance Task work, but it doesn’t solve this problem. The issues appear, when I let my computer go into sleep mode. It seems that the e-licenser can´t find the usb- stick anymore after the computer comes out of the sleep mode. Sometimes even a restart of the software doesn’t help . I have to restart the computer. Its not an issue of Dorico but the e-licenser -software.

While it is of little comfort, it is best not let laptops sleep with Dorico running if you’re using a physical eLicesner. The licensing software and in some cases audio plugins don’t get along with sleeping or hibernating (at least in my experience.) In general, it’s best to save your work and close Dorico before closing the lid–if you don’t save your work, there is chance you will loose it if the eLicenser goes out to lunch. The eLicenser gets unhappy if the USB port is interrupted and often a reboot is the only thing which will get the eLicenser driver to re-connect with the eLicenser device. (This happens because your laptop will cut power to the USB ports to save battery.) I have seen the issue less when using soft eLicenser, but it’s still best practice not to leave Dorico (and other Steinberg products running) through a sleep/hibernation.

To the best of my knowledge, Steinberg is well aware of this limitation with laptops & sleep/hibernation. Statements to the effect the new licensing scheme will be coming, but don’t hold your breath.