Troubles with importing video file in Cubase 6

When I try to import any video file my Cubase 6.0.6 shows the following message
“invalid or not supported file”

In my Device Setup I have no choice to select video player
In screen Video I have only this:
Video player

device Onscreen window
format fixed
offset 0
active X

Somebody help me !!!


What type of file are you trying to import?
Read this, it was written for cubase 5 but still applies.

I am having the same issue right now. I can’t load video files in Cubase 6.5, but they WILL load in Cubase 5.
In my desperation, I am about to trash preferences. I tried rebooting several times- it worked when this happened once before, but not now. Any ideas?

And now…
rebooting it the fifth time does the trick!

I had the same proplem. Reinstalled Cubase. Didn’t work.
uninstalled quicktime.
rebooted. cleaned reg and cache files with CCleaner.
reinstalled quickktime.
Viola! Working again! Hope this helps somebody! :smiley:

It may help me, even several years down the road here :laughing: