Troubles with setting infinite encoders as RELATIVE

I have a trouble setting up my MPC Studio Black MIDI device correctly. I can successfully map all the parameters (all 4 knobs and various buttons), midi signal coming out of the MPC Software VST without any troubles.
What I want to achieve is map 4 knobs to mix console (generic remote control) as relative control, so that when I switch bank to another 4 volume fader and then back, they dont “jump” around to the last value of the knob.

However, the ‘q-links’ knobs, basically infinite scroll encoders, cant be mapped as RELATIVE correctly. The software detects only right movement of the knob, that is DECREASING the volume on the track fader, but unresponding to the left movement - cant INCREASE fader up with knob. I set the flags (Receive, Relative) and the knobs to RELATIVE, everything is set up correctly.
(I tried setting it from jump to touch, relative etc. Seems like mouse setting more than for midi control, doesnt work).

Of course, Ive already mapped them all (16 tracks faders - 4 banks of 4 knobs). For now I use the ABSOLUTE settings instead, with the flag Pick-Up.This is inconvenient because everytime I want to change te fader position, I have to scroll around with knob untill it approach the value of the fader position (…and change it a bit by accident).

Please let me know how to set up RELATIVE controller correctly in Cubase so that it detects both increasing value and decreasing value from the knob. :slight_smile:

Many thanks for response,

Alright guys, heres the solution with the MPC Studio relative knobs to work in both directions. It took me a while to figure out.
In the OTHER ( [SHIFT]+[SONG] ) mode, you change all 4 knobs ‘LOW RANGE’ value to 1. It’s this simple!!!
Seems like value 0 is unacceptable as a MIDI message in relative mode.