Troubleshooting Komplete S series with cubase, DAW midi option suddenly disappeared

Hey all!
I’ve been a happy user of S series for a year. An issue came up recently when the transport functions disappeared. I went to my studio setup to discover that the remote devices for my S series has disappeared also, and when I add the device again, the midi input and output does not provide me with the DAW option as it did a year ago when I first set it up. any advice? Transport isn’t super important, but it actually bugs me (in like an ocd way) that the full functionality is not there. Can someone help me?

Can you see the required MIDI port with DAW in the name with any other software on your Mac?

If not, maybe a Komplete Kontrol MK2 driver re-install will do the trick? EDIT: I just noticed, there doesn’t seem to be a separate driver install for MacOS on the NI download page.

But the first step - to check if the DAW MIDI port is visible at all to MacOS, would give a good indication, if the problem is with Cubase or with the hardware connecting to MacOS.

Here’s a screenshot of my midi studio. Looks like S61 only has two ports, no DAW midi port. How can I ‘refresh’ the daw midi port so that it will show up?

So this looks to me like the issue isn’t really related to Cubase, but more likely between the NI hardware and MacOS.

A quick Google search seems to indicate, that maybe a similar issue has been discussed at the NI forums?

I had an issue with Komplete Kontrol update to 3.* because I have a S61 MK 1. I had to roll back to the last 2.* version. Maybe unrelated, but it helped me.