Troubleshooting Playback

I have a worksheet that I cannot get to play back, and I can’t figure out why. Does anyone have a good checklist for troubleshooting playback problems? I just can’t seem to figure this out. Thanks!
Triad Inversions.dorico (999.6 KB)

It’s easy to fix. Open the Dorico Mixer (F3) and you will see that the metronome (DoricoBeep) is soloed. Click that red S-button and you will hear your triads again.

Thank you! I’m wondering how the Dorico Beep got set to Solo. No idea. Maybe a bit flip! Anyway, I’ll know tho check that in the future. Thanks so much.

Don’t know either. Maybe some keyboard shortcut…?

I need to switch my keyboard layout from UK to German on occasion (mainly when typing German text) and it I forget to switch back, I sometimes inadvertently activate keyboard shortcuts. That’s one possible explanation if you have a secondary keyboard mapping programmed.

Or system-wide allocated shortcuts clashing with Dorico’s which seem to be mainly an issue for Mac users