Troubleshooting when MIDI keyboard does not work properly

Dear users and developers,

I would like to explain what I have just experienced.
Yesterday, I disconnected “KORG nanoKEY2 keyboard” while running Dorico 3.5 on my MBP2018.
Today I reconnected it to the machine. Dorico recognised it but does not receive any MIDI data from the nanoKEY2, even after rebooting.

I launched Logic Pro, then pressed “reset MIDI Driver” in Preferences in Logic.
Now Dorico 3.5 does receive MIDI data from the device.

I would like to know what could I do if someone does not have Logic Pro.

It’s nice and friendly if Logic Pro has that reset functionality, but a program can not cater for everything. The operating system or driver manufacturer should provide it. The driver crashed or did things wrong, not Dorico.

Hi, the same problem occurs frequently.
This occurs only while using Dorico 3.5.
It never happened before with Dorico 3.0, 3.1.10 and 2.x.