Thought I’d make my own thread for troubleshooting, as I doubt this one question I have will be my last. Would appreciate any help, I’m very new to using Cubase.

My question is concerning editing note velocity and length. I’ve tried doing both but can’t get it to work. To be clear, I’ve got this piano part I recorded through my keyboard (Yamaha Montage), and since I"m not the greatest piano player I’m trying to fix some things after I play each part. There were a few notes I needed to sound louder, but when I try editing the velocity to a higher level the note just goes silent when I play it back. I have no problems dropping velocity but I can’t increase it. All I’m doing is clicking on the level in the editor with the standard draw icon. Can I not increase velocity beyond something I’ve performed?

Same thing happens when I try increasing the length of the note. Say, for instance, I came in just a hair too late on the first beat of a measure…if I want to extend that note to the very beginning of the measure, I try editing the note by dragging it, but then the thing goes silent. In one case the note turned white. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve also tried deleting the notes entirely and putting in new ones, but when I play over the part the notes are silent. It’s a bit frustrating…anyone know if there is a fix for this? Seems very strange that there wouldn’t be some way to do what I’m trying to do…

Hi and welcome,

Isn’t the MIDI Part locked?

If the MIDI Note becomes white, this means, the MIDI Note beginning is out of the border of the MIDI Part.

Could you make a vide screen capture, please? I can’t imagine it very well so far.