Trucks (Remix)

Here you can listen to Trucks remixed.

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Hi Stephco,

I took the time to compare this new mix and the old one and the difference is remarkable. Everything seems better defined and balanced. The space and the depth, it is especially these aspects of the mix which challenges me. As I have already mentioned, I perceive this difference even with my boxes equipped with a 5’’ woofer.

It’s really cool! Makes me want to get these Yamaha HS80 boxes. I have the impression that I could further improve my mixes in spite of my talent a little limited on this level.

Waiting for the next Remix; good continuation!

Yes, Rene_L,
To me, the HS8 monitors opened up many things on many fronts. Just as you said, they allowed me to really improve my mixes, leading to a huge difference when rendering:

  1. Clarity: when i opened the first track to remix, I immediately felt which areas i had to take care off, and this brings Clarity. In the tone, In the balance, space positioning, etc…

  2. The big thing was about the low frequencies: Off course, Kick, Bass(es) but also all the other layers where bass tones are used (quite a lot in my case). The headphones are lying, i knew it, but i didn’t knew where exactly… So when you fix that area, the mix opens up.

  3. Real sense of panning - positioning the instruments. Another way of managing what you exactly want. I found again a huge difference with my headphones. Seems that your playground is studently bigger, and that means a better decision making. You can position your players to fill the whole space without artifacts.

  4. High Frequencies : get rid of all the crispy things, leading to a much more polished treble(s).

Initially my choice was HS5 but my son succeeded to make me jump to the HS8 (if you can afford) for a very simple and valid reason: Physics… 8" is bigger than 5" , so the speakers physically will do a better job for low frequencies…

Go ahead… frankly, and yes, just as me, you will improve the overall quality.
PS: Bright Territories has also been remixed and updated on SoundCloud/Bandcamp. I’m now taking care of Refugees (not yet finished).

It is interesting to hear the remix. It definitely has greater depth, and for modern listening standards and expectations, that’s good.
It might’ve been my listening hardware, but it did seem to distort very slightly at times towards the end. The distortion wasn’t bad, and might’ve been an accident of my playback system, so you don’t need to run back to change anything.
As a matter of taste, with the new overall depth, the contrast in the drums with some of the higher pitched fills was a bit more stark. You might take a little of the highs off them in some spots.
No need to toy with it based on these comments, they’re just impressions. Your vision of it is fine as it is.

Hi John
Thanks for your time and comment again.
Listen, everything is quite fresh , so if you can be more précise, like @XmYs, i will be more than happy to check and see why or how.
In fact, it will help me 'cause as i’m reviewing all these aspects, i will simply improve my overall workflow, and that’s good.

This mix sounds really good on my monitors (similar to yours). I agree with Swetch that there is a lot of high frequency material, but it isn’t grating at all, so I think it’s a matter of taste. All of your pieces use a lot of percussion with high frequencies, I would say, so that is what I am usually expecting from you.

I’m particularly referring to what starts around the 3:00 mark. From there on to the end, the drums become more prominent. It’s at that point where I start to hear both, what I’ll call, the snare and some of what might be the high hat or cymbals fron a real set becoming more active in the composition, but at the same time a little too bright for my particular taste. Once again, it’s not a big deal that should require change. It’s more of a taste thing.
To give a silly example, I had a friend who was a totally excellent drummer. Bill Bruford, who played with Yes and King Crimson and his own highly regarded jazz and fusion groups, is thought by many to be a totally excellent drummer too. My friend always appreciated Bruford as a player and writer, but couldn’t stand the sound of his snare because Bruford tuned it in such a way that it was tighter or sharper than many other drummers.
We can drive ourselves crazy with all of these sound tweaks and nuances, so the best bet is to hear what others think, consider it, but always settle on the sound that’s truest to your own vision.

Wow… What ears.!
100% True. I effectively changed something: The snare in fact you are listening to is made of 2 snares. 1 more for the main body and the other more on the Mid high frequencies.
What i did @2m58s is that i gave more presence to the 2nd one and lowered the 1st one. The reason behind is 'cause this part toward the end is almost a repeat, But i didn’t want a full repeat, so i changed the sound of the snare … btw also a little bit on the mix between elements of the Brass.

John, I’m impressed!

That means a lot to me. That means that in the same situation, i should be more careful. The mistake i made is simple : i lowered/added the same amount of dB (1 exactly) but i didn’t took into account the frequencies. The 2 sounds are obviously different by nature (body+ High End), that means that the impact of 1dB isn’t the same because of our ears…
Simply. the famous Fletcher Munson Curve in action.

Well, i will probably not review it now…, cause I’m now fully on the next of the other songs of OverLand, but thank you so much again, I’ve learned/experienced something special and critical to the mix process because of you.

PS: That also means that your ears are still in good shape :slight_smile:

I enjoyed this one too. Excellent choices of sound along with a great arrangement.


Thanks again for your time :blush: