True Love Ways - Buddy Holly

This is my first attempt at programming this kind of orchestra instrumentation.
I use East West Goliath & Symphonic Orchestra for all except bass which is Trillian, and guitars I just miked up & played. Slightly embarrassed to say I was actually a little bit drunk when I sang it, but I tried agan the next day and it wasn’t as good.

I found a couple of midi files knocking around the internet, so I had a look at them to help me understand the instruments to use and more or less what they were doing, then A/B with the original. I think I got close enough to impress the missus at least… :slight_smile:

It’s very obviously not Buddy (did he ever wear a baseball cap?) but it’s an excellent recreation of the period vibe and orchestration. That’s close enough to impress more than just your Missus…add me to the list. Nice one.

Ah cheers man!
No, I don’t remember seeing any photos of him wearing a cap, but then he didn’t live long enough to lose his hair like me.

As slow & time consuming as it is, especially for an old rocker like me, it’s really enjoyable working with all these different instruments trying to get them to wprk together & sound as human as possible. The EW instruments give me a head start tho, they’re great sounding samples.

Great job! Drink some more! I think the orchestration works really well. Thanks for sharing it.

Haha I certainly will! Cheers! :slight_smile: