True Peak Analysis

When I use Global Analysis to analyze a file, with Find Peaks checked, and settings Maximum Number = 500, Minimum Time = 1s, then click the True left and right readings and create markers from those readings, there are many occurrences of True Peaks well below zero in low level sections. Maybe they are True Peaks down there, but it’s not very helpful when trying to compare numbers with what’s being seen by Apple’s MFiT afclip, which only prints out True Peaks above zero. Also would it be possible to allow the Minimum Time to go down to 0s? That’s what afclip is showing, every single True Peak no matter what time between. I guess Wavelab and Afclip will never be exactly the same, but it would be helpful if they’re at least close in the total numbers. Right now the numbers aren’t close at all. Also, the Find Clipped Samples on the Error tab, if that could be set Min Time down to 0s, because that, when threshold set at 1, is equivalent to afclip “on-sample” clips, which also is time independent.

I agree a time below 1 sec would be welcome. I think >= 10 milliseconds, however.

That would be better. About the True Peaks below 0.0, can that be restricted to only True Peaks at or above 0.0 for purposes of total count? (should the ones below 0.0 be there at all?)

No, whether the waveform is below 0 or not is something completly relative, all cases should be reported. I mean, the ear does not make any difference.