True Peak differance

Hi Can someone explaine why the true peak reading in supervision is different to the true peak meter on the control room

Are you totally sure you are measuring in exactly the same place? Your other values are different, too. Your integrated value is 5 dB lower in Supervision. The other values are a lot lower too. That gives me the idea Supervision is measuring in another place in your signal flow.

Hi Knopf
Thanks for the reply
I have supervision on the insert of control panle so I presume it is receiving the same signal

There is a discrepancy between the two meters:

Reset the two meters while in Stop before measuring or analyzing.

Right, I overlooked that one.

Thanks all for the info
I have found out what the problem was
I had the Steven slate VSX plugin on the control room insert before supervision and this was creating the difference between supervision and the control room meter