True Pedaling without sustain : is this possible ?

I need your help ! :cry:

I would like to do a smooth back-and-forth crossfade between two layers in HALion with a single MIDI CC value sent.

This is exactly what True Pedaling does. The problem is that it seems to only work with sustain pedal and I don’t want sustain on notes.

1- is there a way to filter sustain for notes only and not for True Pedaling module ?
2- is it possible to control True Pedaling with another MIDI controller than CC64 ?
3- is there another way to achieve such a crossfade between two layers ?


I don’t think that’s possible.

Unfortunately, same answer.

In Halion’s manual, at page 212, at the True Pedaling section, you’ll find the method for crossfading between two layers. If you want to use other MIDI CC (for example CC63), set that one in the Modulation Matrix, as the Source, instead of the True Pedaling MIDI Module.

Thank you so much for your reply.

The problem is that I want to use fixed CC values. For instance, with CC63 at 0, crossfade from layer A to layer B, and at 127 the other way !
Because I want to control this with Expression Map from Score Edit with a simple notation. For example, for two layers with non vibrato and vibrato violins. And there’s no way to create progressive CC values in time with Expression Map.

True Pedaling would do it marvelously well if I only could get rid of the sustain ! :angry:

I’ve been doing experimentations for weeks with Matrix Modulation, Envelope as modifier source and level for destination … trying to reproduce what True Pedaling does. It kinda works but I’m facing some limitations to do exactly what I want. (e.g. crossfade in the middle of a held note !).

Still trying things …
If you have any other idea, don’t hesitate.

So, if I understand correctly, you need something like a keyswitch to switch from one layer to another layer, but you want that “switch” to happen gradually, like a crossfade?

Exactly !

I tried some things and methods but I can’t find anything to solve your problem in an easy way. You can use (as you already said) one or more Mono Envelopes as modulation modifiers to control the level for each layer and maybe the Megatrig module.
If I’ll come up with a better solution I’ll let you know.

A big thank to you for trying to find something.
Yes I also think the only solution for now is to juggle with Megatrig, Envelope, and Matrix Modulation.
While waiting for Steinberg to add maybe new modules, automation and other new features to HALion.

Whenever you have any new idea, let me know.
I continue my research on my own.

Hi TheMaestro
You can put the CC Mapper in front of the True Pedal and change any CC number into the CC for Sustain (64).
I’ve done that to change the Soft Pedal (67) into CC 64 and so trying to gradually increase the volume from some samples.
Haven’t succeeded to make a smooth volume change that way yet, though.
Still trying to figure out what: “Set the Level parameter of the zones with the note-on samples to the default level (0 dB)” means. Where and what?
Anyway, I think there is something more to be desired with the True Pedal. It should at least have a selectable input for the Soft Pedal (which needs a gradual control signal)of a piano, and not only for the Sustain/Damper Pedal (64).
The Sustenuto (middle pedal) works like a switch, so no gradual control voltage from there is needed.
Hopefully in a next upgrade.