true sound through headphones

Hi - I am using a UR22 mk2 interface and I have Cubase Artist 8.5. Every time I try to record my acoustic guitar I get a twangy distorted sound fed back thro my headphones. If I turn the mix knob back to input that gives me a true sound but cuts out any feed from my metronome, making recording impossible. Leaving the mix knob at DAW I just get this awful distorted sound from my acoustic guitar. Whenever I play back, I always get the distorted sound thro the headphones!!! HELP, how can I record true sound without losing the ability to hear playback of drum tracks, metronomes etc

Assuming you’re monitor through Cubase, maybe you created an audio track with some pre-configured settings and plugins? Like some filters can be nice for other purposes but can create horrible effects when you want a clean sound audio sound. So please make sure you have the basic mono/stereo template selected before creating. Also make sure you’re not overloading the audio. Check your meters in the mixer and make sure you stay well under 0.

Make sure you do not have direct monitoring with an effect (like reverb) enabled in the ur22.

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The UR-22 has no dsp, so no fx. Does it have reverb?

My mistake. It does not.

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