"True" sus Chords

I believe he was referencing the pitches that a C major chord has in the context of a D root. The C major triad does contain the b7, 9th, and 11th of a D7sus chord, which is why they are sometimes used interchangeably.

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Hi everyone,

While I’m very happy we’re all having a discussion over nomenclature and conventions, I feel the initial idea of this post was lost out of the gate.

I’ll reiterate that the goal would be for the flexibility to choose “sus”, “sus4”, and “sus2” on the same page. At this point, I’m sure we can keep debating the subject, but knowing I’m not the only one who does not necessarily equate “sus” to “sus4”, perhaps it’s a possibility for the future, depending on how the programmers feel about it. Cheers.

I wouldn’t support this because I believe your interpretation of sus is so non-standard I don’t see it as a valid variant. I see no reason to have sus and sus4 in the same chart.


This isn’t really that hard now, is it? The Engraving Options settings for sus2 and sus4 are already different. It’s probably faster to delete the 4 off of a sus4 than it is to add it to a sus, but you could always do whichever is more prevalent in your file and edit the others in Engrave. IIRC you couldn’t copy an edited suffix in D3.5 but that works fine in D4.2.

I see! I’d tried to edit the chord suffix, but had not double-clicked on the “4” as an individual glyph to then be able to delete it (needless to say right-clicking or pressing delete didn’t do much).

Right on, consider me a happy camper, thanks for your help.