"Truest" featuring abstract crunchy production!

Hello everyone. Hope you are all enjoying the summer.

Just did a rough mix if this last night. Still a bit rough, but figured I would post it anyway. Will be finishing it when we get back from tour.


Comments appreciated. Oh, that’s me playing bass drum on it too. The song is 100% live/overdubbed instruments:
2 Vocalists
2 Acoustic Guitars
Acoustic Bass
Orchestral Bass Drum

Bunch of interesting recording techniques on this.
Lots of cool abstract sounding crunchy production in this one.

Live-end/dead-end technique using one of my accordion walls laid on the floor:

Josh Liked it, I think.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Good so far Tom. Look forward to the more polished version later on :sunglasses:

I like the style of it, kind of abstract folk. is that a seagul acoustic

No, its not a Seagull. Honestly, I have no idea what it is. He just picked it up a month ago.

Thanks for the listen. :slight_smile:

Someone needs to yank some nostril hairs to get rid of the whistling. The male/ female harmonies are pretty brutal. The timbres are too far apart to me, also. It’s like Snidley Whiplash meets a Chipmunk. Glad you’re having fun.

I thought the recording was very professional – nice and open but unhyped… and yet it captured the “density” of the chord voicings well.

It’s not the engineer’s job to F with the artistry of the performer!

wow! some peoples kids. prolly sent to his room without a cookie :unamused:

I’m entitled to an opinion, no? Who are you, Tom’s mom? :unamused: :laughing:

Hey all,

tanks for the listen. I appreciate the feedback. This version’s vocals were not aligned. The newer version has the alignments done.

Well, I kinda liked it, good to try to do something a little different, I’d say. I like the cello, but agree with earlier comment that it could have a little more variety. But it has a refreshing real sound to it. And it sounds like you’re all having a lot of fun.