Truly Free Ft. Nadja Freeman. [Synth_pop)

Hello fellow musicians:

First take with Nadja, Also a song of my latest project “Look at the world”
Ending of the song will crossover in another, hence the looped ending without fade out in this version.

Synths: Korg Legacy Analogue Addition_Pro Logue
Drums : Toontrack superior drummer electronic EZX and samples ran throug GA one
Additional Filterbank, UAD precision limiter, Pultec, Cambridge, Realverb Pro, 1171SE

Regards Dylan.

Good so far, Dylan :sunglasses:

Nadja is certainly an asset! First take you say? Not bad! :slight_smile:

And I like this song! Composition and lyrics are nice though to my ears the backings seemed a little ‘cold’ and perhaps were a tad harsh at times… some sounds seemed to ‘bite’ a bit if you know what I mean.

Electronic music is not of course my area of expertise so take what I say with a pinch of salt! :sunglasses:

Hello Ian,

Yes, that edgy sound, I almost begin to believe that is just my setup.
You know the sound I am after? (far to ambitious I know) I bought the soundtrack from daft punk they made for Tron.
And the whole piece is so infinately deep, dark yet creamy and silky in the top.
I think that is just impossible with my equipment!
I tried everything, grouping, eq, compression,filtering the synths will always sound harsh.And when I get it les harsh then it will become dull. Like an on and off switch, harsh, dull, harsh, dull…Sigh
On my next project I will definately be more carefull choosing the sounds, Now I just stack synths, start playing with them and then try to come up with the sound, maybe I’ll have to work the other way around.

Also making electronic music, or producing it for that matter is an adventure I started 5 years ago. Before that I always recorded more live stuff, guitars etc.

Nadja is indeed my newest asset, when I finnish look at the world I am going to make a whole album with her, more massive attack like.

Thanks for your input!

Greetz Dylan.

One more vote for Nadja. She goes really well with the music.

Agreed. Good song Dylan!

We need more female vocalists in here dammit.

Exellent work, Dylan!

The whole project is sounding great too!


haven’t heard you in a while dylan, cool sound and arps, some nice filter work. wow! beautiful voice!
well done

My god, okay, I was kicked of the forum for a few days, because I transfered my licence to another dongle, but that was in June, and all of a sudden the guys at Steinberg woke up I think.

@ early21, thanks, I’ll pass it on to her!

@ Foolomon I don’t know, too much and everyone stops making music. :smiley:

@ SAV, thanks! When do you post some killerbass stuff? We all want to hear the Steve Harris thing!

@ Bluebob Thanks, Yes, life got in the way, but I didn’t stop making music at all!

Pffft…I just wanna show her how big my axe is.

Still, I think Wim is gonna one-up me since he’s all about sax.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: