Trumpet in Bb - no transpose?

A melody starts with an “e”, when I change the instrument to a trumpet in Bb it should start with a “d”… but it doesn’t … why not?
Is there an automatic way to do that?


Are you viewing the layout in Concert Score or Transposed Score?

I dont know… write mode > Partitur sight…

but in the single voice layout it is displayed correctly, how can I make it like that in the partitur layout?

By default, full score layouts are in concert pitch (the pitches you hear) and part layouts are in transposed pitch (the pitches the player should play). You can change whether individual layouts are concert or transposed pitch.

Bb transposing instruments play notes a whole tone higher than they sound - so for a trumpet to produce an E sounding pitch, they play an F#.

Ah ok… thank you