trumpet in E natural (transposing instruments)


I’m hoping we will get trumpet in E natural at some point (and F and A).


I can try and squeeze these in for you for the next update. Can you give me a good source of information about the ranges of these various flavours of trumpets?

Forsyth: Orchestration

Berlioz/Strauss: Treatise on Instrumentation

Hi Daniel,

Thanks very much for your reply and consideration - I’m afraid I’m just an amateur who enjoys using your software, so cannot offer any authoritative information. I do see a lot of orchestral trumpet music for trumpet in these keys - I’m currently playing Tchaik 5, which is trumpet in A (no key signature) and Grieg, Peer Gynt (suite 1), which is trumpet in E (no key signature). I’ve seen trumpet in F where the transposition goes either way (some where a Bb trumpet player has to put it up a 5th, some where it has to go down a 4th) - I guess that complicates things. Oh and I would think Brandenburg 2 would be trumpet in F (normally, but not exclusively, played on a different piccolo sized instrument).

Sorry not to have the relevant information pertaining to range - perhaps others will be more authoritative. As noted, I am enjoying using your software, if at a rather different level than most others. I’m pleased to discover I have outgrown your initial set of videos (although these were great to get me started), but find the later ones really useful (both the short couple of minute ones and the monthly hang outs).


Geoff D.

Thanks – I will make sure we get the missing trumpet transpositions in for the next update.

Thanks very much for including additional trumpet transposition options in Dorico 1.1.

You’re very welcome. We aim to please.

I am missing a “Trumpet in C no transposition” Instrument. When the flow’s key is actually C it’s fine, of course, but when the piece is written in a key but the trumpets should not show a key signature but have the accidentals in front of the notes, this does not work.

Maybe it would be a more flexible solution to add a checkbox “show transposition” in EVERY instrument definition instead of having two versions of only some instruments.

Yes, we agree that it would be useful to be able to choose on a per-instrument basis whether or not the transposition is shown as part of its staff label, and this is planned (along with more general tools for customising and defining your own instruments).