Truncated audio track when stopping recording

1. Summary/Title
I have been recording a single audio track for about 2 hours as I usually do while recording rehearsals with the band.
When I stopped the recording, I have seen the full waveform for a split second which then got reduced to only 5 minutes worth of recording.
I checked the trash bin but nothing is there.

2. Description
See above.

3. Expected Results
The audio track should have been the fully recorded length

4. Actual Results
The audio track has been truncated to 5 minutes

5. Environment
iOS 16.0.3
Cubasis 3.4

Hi @santinelli,

Thanks for your message!

Do you see the full recording in the audio editor (when opening the recorded event in the audio editor)?

If the problem persists, please provide us with further steps to allow our engineers to reproduce the problem!

Do you use Cubasis 3.4 or 3.4.3?
We recommend upgrading the app to the latest available version.


I am running 3.4.3, I have just checked.

And no, in the audio editor I only see the 5 minutes. I wonder if there is a temporary space where the full recording might be or if it is a different problem and it actually stopped recording after about 5 minutes.

No idea how to figure that out, though.

Hi @santinelli,

Thank you for your updated message.
Below pleas find a few additional questions from our engineering:

If you see only the 5min file in the audio editor, and the full 2h recording is not in the Trash, then there probably was a different problem and recording stopped after 5min.

Here are a few more questions to further analyse the issue:

  1. In the 5min recording, are there any discontinuities? Or does it contain the first 5min of the recording, without interruption?
  2. Did you use an audio interface? If so, which one, and how was it connected to the iOS device?
  3. Which iOS device do you have?
  4. Please send us a screenshot of your audio settings, under Setup / Audio.
  5. Did the issue occur only once, or did it happen again? If it’s reproducible, please update to the latest iOS 16.1 and see if it works then.


Thanks for the follow up.

  1. No discontinuation In the 5 min recording, it’s just the first 5 minutes without interruptions

  2. No external audio interface, just the phone

  3. iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 16.0.3

  4. Here it is

  5. It occurred only once so far, but I must also admit that since it happened I am unlocking the phone and checking that it is recording every 20 minutes or so during rehearsals :joy:
    I will update to 16.1 indeed.


Hi @santinelli,

Thanks for your feedback, which has been shared with our engineering.


Hi @santinelli,

Thanks again for your message!

Is it possible that you’ve recieved a message including a beep which might interrupted the recording process? In this case, could you give it a check if the results are comparable to what you’ve experienced?

Vielleicht bekam er eine message nach 5min, die einen Ton auslöste, der Cubasis unterbrach (was nicht sein dürfte)?

Frag ihn mal, ob er das testen will (Recording starten und jemand soll ihm eine message schicken).