Truncated menu cards in Play/Routing Menu if Edit/Preferences/Language/German

This issue occurs when “German” is selected in “Preferences/General/Language”.

When I choose “English”, it looks normal as it should be.

Please have a look at the attached screenshots, thank you & regards

it should look like:

screenshots from Anthony’s video and my Dorico Pro 5.

When German Language is selected:

PS Please, check French and other languages as well, thank you:

I realised this problem after updating to D5.1 because I wanted to check the new edit expression map feature. I can’t say for sure whether this problem already existed in D5.0 or not.

In the Englisg localisation the left pane is shown correctly with the edit expression map and the expand arrows:

In the German localisation these are truncated on the right:

I am using a Windows laptop with a screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 and the recommended scaling of 150%.

Thanks for reporting this, both of you. We will take a look in due course.

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Apparently, this has been fixed in the latest version 5.1.10. Thanks to the team!