Try before you buy

still trying to use my trial version of cubase 11
still trying to download licences codes and all of the other sh****
just to run my trial version
why doesnt steinberg create a download that installs on demand then self implodes
after the trial period
sorry you sales guys if i was alan sugar . . . . … . . you’d be f***** fired
ps give up on it now . . cant be ars**** anymore just to try it out♪♪

If you are trying to run Cubase pro trial you still need a usb licencer although this will probably change with the release of Cubase 12 next year.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Which Cubase edition do you try? What problems exactly do you have? What message do you get?

Did you receive an Activation Code or a Download Access Code?

all i want(ed) to do is(was)to try it out for a few hours
everytime i do something theres another
obstacle esp going to emails for this that and the other
for codes / licences /more codes ilok numbers etetetetetetetetettctctct
the biggest annoying thing is the ever popping up
of cookie acceptance prompts which should have an
accept or decline option ( cookies are a con end off but thats another story )
it should be marketed as a 28day trial with an added 2 days
bunged on the end while try to get it to work
all in all a very frustrating experience

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We would like to help you, but you have to provide more informations, please.

Are you trialing Cubase Pro or Cubase Elements, please?

There is definitely not iLok involved in the process at all.

i am now trying to download cub11 artiste

it now keeps asking for a licence activation code . . .wheres that???


Please, follow the instructions you got.

Cubase Artist doesn’t have trial. There is trial for Cubase Pro and Cubase Elements only. Which Trial did you ask for?

You got the Activation Code by email (probably). Or you got the Download Access Code (then you have to generate the Activation Code out of the Download Access Code in your MySteinberg account). I don’t know. It’s written in the email, you got. Just read it, please.

thanks for your perseverance but it all seems a bit ott
just for a trial prog