Try the demo again?

I was wondering if I can try the demo again- I tried version 2.0 Pro when it first came out, but now want to try Elements?
When I click to get an email on the demo page nothing happens -I get no email, presumably for an activation code.

(Mmm…I’m reading some posts here- is it true you cannot control the velocity of a note yet?)

Welcome to the forum, ginko. It is true that you cannot directly control the velocity of a note yet, but that will be supported in the next version of the program.

If the trial you had was of version 2.0, then you can try version 2.2 on the same Soft-eLicenser, but if you previously tried version 2.2 then you cannot have another trial for the same version of the same product on the same Soft-eLicenser. Send me a private message and I can send you a new trial code.

Just wanted to say: “Hooray “ :slight_smile:

  • D.D.